Staff Meetings

I love staff meetings, but only when they are useful. For me, a useful staff meeting has an agenda, time frame and then outcomes/action plans.

First on the agenda: I asked the staff if they were happy with the way things are. It was a collective “YES”. Why is there the comment, “If you fuck up once, you”ll never do that job again”? Apparently it’s a joke. Action plan: It won’t be said again.

We also went through what was coming up up over the summer, who was doing what, where and when. Pretty standard, easy and simple. After the meeting, productivity was through the roof. Everyone is aware of the goal for the summer, and they are excited about it.

I’ve been in staff meetings where there is no agenda, time frame and in the end, no action plans. “A catch up”. What a waste of time and energy. Everyone comes out confused and deflated. After those meetings, productivity is zero. It’s because there’s questions. Questions about what’s coming up, who’s doing what and there’s no action plans and therefore no goals.

Staff meetings are simple, useful tools for managers. Only use when necessary.  Catch ups are for one on one meetings.

Agenda. Time frame. Action plans.




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