My first week back from 3 weeks leave was interesting.

We have two new hires that started a week before I went away. I had one on ones with them both when I returned, and their feedback was mixed. They are both enjoying the job, but not the people they are working with. They haven’t had a very warm welcome from the team. Lots of negativity from existing team members. My presence should help stifle the negativity. I’m going to call a staff meeting to ask why everyone is so unhappy with their job and what we can do to improve their situations. I hope I get honest feedback….

It’s time to set KPIs. I enjoy this part of my role very much. Setting goals and outlining expectations for direct reports is one the most helpful tools a supervisor can use. Having direction on where people want to go, not only in their career but also their lives makes everything so much easier. I asked the two new hires what they wanted from this job, and they both said that they wanted to learn as much as they could. That was a very refreshing answer as the other staff have said that they don’t really know what they want. I will add that the newbies are in their early 20s and just starting their careers. The rest of the staff are in their mid 30s and beyond.

Bring on next week!!!!



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